Summer 2017 Classes

These three Summer 2017 classes still have room! Click the course title to register via the Loft Literary Center.


Poetry Workshop  // Age 13-17 // July 31 – August 4 // 9am – noon 

Receive feedback from fellow poets. Does this sound scary? Thrilling? Both? This class will be a supportive group of young writers who read and discuss each other’s work, giving feedback that is constructive, appreciative, specific, and kind.

You’ll grow as a writer, reader, and critic, and maybe even meet other poets you’d like to share work with in the future. Recommended for writers who have at least a couple of poems ready for feedback. The teaching artist will also give each student written feedback (up to 8 pages per student).

Drawing Into Writing // Age 13-17 // July 10-14 // 9am – noon

Don’t skip this one, even if you “can’t draw”! The teaching artist is a poet who “can’t draw” either but has been using drawing and coloring as a way to enter the state that leads to creative writing.

In this class, you’ll get to try out several ways to approach writing through drawing, including activities from the book Syllabus, by cartoonist Lynda Barry, as well as other sources. By the end of the class, you’ll have many pages of sketches and stories, at least one polished story ready to share, and some new ways to get into the creative work you want to do.

A Day in Your Life (a Loft/MCBA Writing and Book Making Class) //
Age 6-8 // July 24-28 // 1pm – 4pm

As a kid, you see the world in a unique way. The things you notice are not what every person notices. The objects, people, and activities that are ordinary *to you* are probably fascinating to someone older, or far away, or a long time from now.

In this class, you’ll have a chance to make a book of short, vivid pieces that tell the world exactly what *you* notice, sense, and feel in your regular life. We’ll learn from some of the great writers of childhood, seeing how Jacqueline Woodson, Kao Kalia Yang, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and others captured “the everyday” of their own childhoods. You’ll get to use the same tools these famous writers did to make a series of short pieces that show the world what your life is like, and bind them together in a book that you can give as a gift to a faraway friend or relative, or keep for the future.