Cover of chapbook entitled F L I G H T S, by Carolyn WIlliams-Noren. Cover is blue with a cloud pattern stitched fabric collage art.

I write poems and lyric essays. I also write with kids and teens in the summer via The Loft. And I serve creative businesses and non-profits as a writer and editor. I live in Minneapolis.

F L I G H T S is available now from Ethel Zine & Press! It’s a short chapbook of poems that take place on the way to and from the airport. Cover art and design by Sara Lefsyk. 

Image of Carolyn Williams-Noren's face.

Two poems are in issue 56 of Up the Staircase Quarterly, wonderfully matched with art by Marisol Brady.

I still have a few copies of my first chapbook, Small Like a Tooth. Email me to purchase one ($7).